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 July 26th - 28th  


EURYPAA is more than just a gathering; it's a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, explore personal growth, and forge lifelong friendships.

Our aim is to create an inclusive and empowering space where young sober people can connect, inspire, and be inspired.

EURYPAA (European Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) is an annual celebration for the young (and the young at heart) that highlights young people's sobriety and their role in AA. It provides a gathering for AA members to attend workshops, panels, and hear speakers who share the message of AA. EURYPAA is an open event run by AA members, with affiliations with Al-Anon. It takes place in different European countries and aims to support and carry AA's message of recovery to alcoholics of all ages.



Eurypaa 2024 will be held at the Grand Hotel Union at Miklošičeva Cesta 1. Right in the heart of the center of Ljubljana.

Image by Eugene Kuznetsov


 Ljubljana is full of hotels and youth hostels (many of them no more than a 10 minute walk from the EURYPAA venue!) Below are some suggestions.


(IMPORTANT: We've just secured an additional 10 rooms at the Grand Hotel Union and 10 rooms at the UHotel at specially discounted rates but HURRY! This offer is only available until the 7th of June! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grab a room at an unbeatable price. Make sure you are using the code "EURYPAA24" in order to get the agreed upon discounts.)

Double Room:

€145  per night

Double Room:

€180 per night

Double/Triple Room:

€90 - €140 per night

Single room:
Single room:

€89.10 per night

€35 per night

Shared rooms (2-10 people)
Shared rooms (2-5 people)

€21 - €27 per person per night

€30 - 41 per person per night

Single room:

€79 per night

Double room:

€86 per night



To get your ticket to EURYPAA 2024, send €25 via Paypal by clicking the button below.



Sign up for Service

Want to do Service at the actual convention? Email us at and we will add you to our list of Service Officers. 


Print our Flyer

Spread awareness by downloading and printing our flyer to distribute at your homegroup and other local meetings. 



We are keen on outreach, and will be doing it up until the actual date of the convention. Get in touch if you would like to help us out by sending us an email to 


"How do I get there cheaply?"

 Flying into nearby airports and taking land transport is the cheapest way to get to us.  Zagreb airport (90 minutes drive), Venice Airport (2 hours 30 minutes drive) Klagenfurt airport (90 minutes drive) are just a few of the surrounding locations you can travel from. There is a private van service called GoOpti which will take you from any of these airports, and participants of the EURYPAA convention will receive an 8% discount on their trip.
Just use the discount code "EURYPAA24" when booking. We want as many of you as possible with us at the convention, so feel free to email us at if you need a hand getting over to us :)

"How do I get to the city from the Airport?"

We are excited to offer transport services in partnership with Nomago, Slovenia's largest bus company. Enjoy convenient shuttle services and special discounts for EURYPAA 2024 attendees.

  • Shuttle Service: 12 daily departures from Ljubljana Airport to the city center.

  • Special Discounts:

    • 10% off on return tickets.

    • 20% off for groups of 5+ persons.

Book your transport here.

(For a full list of transport options, please click here to consult the Ljubljana Airport Transport page)

"Where can I find a list of flyers formats for Eurypaa 2024?"
Here is a link to our Drive, where we have an assortment of flyers that can be downloaded and printed or shared at your local or zoom-based meetings.

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(NOTE: WhatsApp group 
available via email request)


Kolezijska ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana

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